By Laws

Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. By Laws, Standing Rules and Policy Sheet



The name of this organization shall be the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska, Inc., (FGCN or the Federation).




The main objective shall be to encourage horticulture in all its aspects;


A. To coordinate all garden club interests, educational and charitable activities, through association, conference and correspondence.


B. To protect the environment so as to preserve, protect and encourage plant and animal life.


C. To encourage civic beautification, roadside planting and other activities compatible with the main objective.


D. To educate members and the general public in horticulture, flower show staging and judging.




Section 1

A. Any organization or individual interested in the objectives of the Federation and having a willingness to work towards their accomplishments shall be eligible for Federation membership.                       

B. 1.  Any club with a minimum of five (5) can apply to the FGCN President for a membership and application will be furnished. 


     2.  The club will return the completed application and return with dues to the FGCN Treasurer along with a copy of the membership list, with complete address, phone, email (if available and a list of current officers). 

     3.  Notice of approval must be in writing to the applicant within six (6) weeks.


C. Clubs desiring to withdraw membership from the Federation shall send written notice to such action to the State Treasurer.


Section 2

A. There shall be the following classes of membership: (1) Member Clubs, (2) Junior Clubs, (3) Members at large, (4) Contributing Members, (5) Life Members, (6) Honorary Members, (7) Affiliate Members.


Section 3 Junior Clubs

A. Junior Clubs are composed of members of minor age. Voting power at annual meetings shall be limited to one vote by the adult sponsor or duly elected or appointed alternate.


Section 4 - Memberships defined

A. Members-at-large shall be designated as individuals interested in the objectives of the Federation but do not belong to a Federated Club. Such members should be accepted only from communities where no Federated Garden Club exists. Membership is attained in the same manner as that for a club. They may attend the annual meeting, but have no vote or voice in the deliberations and actions.

B. A Contributing Member may be defined as an individual who by special contribution furthers the work of the Federation.


C. A Life Member shall be defined as one interested in the objectives of the Federation, requesting State Life Membership and paying the fee assessed that class membership. State Life Members must continue to pay yearly State Garden Club dues while a member of a Federated Club.


D. Honorary Life Membership shall be granted only for exceptionally outstanding service to the Federation, or for achievement in the horticulture field and shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting membership present at any annual meeting. 


E. Affiliate members shall be defined as local chapters of Affiliates of National Garden Clubs. The chapter may join as an Affiliate Member for a fee of seven dollars ($7.00) per year. This membership will provide one subscription to Nebraska Garden News and allow attendance at annual meetings, as a non-voting member.




Section 1 Executive Committee 

A. The executive committee is composed of the officers of the FGCN.


B. The Executive Committee shall have the general supervision of all work of the Federation during the intervening period between meetings of the Federation and meetings of the Board of Directors. Action taken by this committee shall be subject to ratification by the Board of Directors at the following board meeting and all action taken by the Executive Committee must be within the scope of the powers granted by the By-laws.


C. The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President or at the request of any three members of the Executive Committee.


D. The Executive Committee has the authority to replace an officer if they are unable to fulfill their duties.


Section 2 Vacancies

A. If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Vice President shall succeed to the office of the President. 


B. The Executive Committee shall fill all vacancies among the officers, with the exception of the Corresponding Secretary.


Section 3 Board of Directors

A. The Board of Directors shall be the elected officers, elected directors from each district and the chairmen who have been appointed by the President. All become voting members of the Board of Directors.


 B. The Board of Directors shall be empowered to formulate policies and take appropriate action for the Federation. The Board of Directors is responsible for the operation of the Federation between annual meetings.


C. All elected officers shall serve no more than two years in office except the Treasurer/Dues Treasurer, whom can be re-elected.


D. Each member must be notified by mail, e-mail or Nebraska Garden News at least two weeks before any regular or called meeting.            



Section 1 - State meetings

A. Voting members shall be any FGCN members in good standing, who have paid the annual meeting registration fee and attends the business sessions. Junior Clubs voting power shall be limited to one vote by its adult sponsor or duly appointed alternate.


 B. The nominating committee shall have four (4) members, one each from four areas: Western, West Central, Central and Eastern, who are elected from their district to serve as District Director.


a. This committee shall submit one (1) name for each office, after ascertaining that each nominee will serve if elected.


b. The Corresponding Secretary and the Parliamentarian are appointed by the newly

elected President.


Section 2 - Elections

A. All elections shall be by ballot, a majority being necessary to elect. When only one person has been nominated for a particular office the vote may be by voice. All elected officers shall be elected at the annual meeting. All elected officers shall assume office at the close of the meeting in which they are elected. All files shall be turned over to new officers immediately upon their assuming office, excepting the Treasurer, which must be within one month.


B. A District Director and an Assistant Director shall be elected in their respective districts at the annual district conference held in the uneven numbered years. The            Conferences shall be held following the National Convention, with the date designated by the State President. District Officers shall assume office at the close of the meeting at which they are elected. All files shall be turned over immediately and any cash on hand within two (2) weeks.  District Directors can only serve a total of two consecutive terms.




Section 1 President

A. To be eligible to become President of the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska one must meet the following requirements:


a. A member in good standing of a Federated Club.


b. Must have served as a District Director or a Club President in a club associated with the FGCN and our nationally recognized organization National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC) or as a state officer.


B. The president shall preside at all meetings of the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska and at all sessions of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, and shall be an ex -officio member of all committees except nominating committee.


C. The President shall call meetings of the Board of Directors when there is business to be conducted each year. Meetings shall be held in person or by tele-communications.  The President may call Board Retreats or other ad hoc meetings for planning purposes as deemed appropriate by the President or other Board Members

D. The President shall be the first delegate to the National Convention.


Section 2 Vice President

A. Qualifications for the Vice President shall be the same as for President. He/she shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. She shall assist the District Directors in planning and holding their district meetings as well as in the promotion of their Garden Club activities.


B. The Vice President shall be the second delegate to the National Convention.


C. The second year of the Vice President's term he/she shall be the President-Elect with duties of appointing state chairmen to serve in his/her administration.


D. The FGCN Vice-President shall serve as State Membership Chair responsible for helping the Area Membership Chairman in recruitment, membership, and promotion.


Section 3 - Recording Secretary

A. The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and shall have charge of all papers pertinent to that office.


B. The Secretary shall keep an up to date list of member clubs and their Presidents. The Dues Treasurer shall compile this list.


C. The Secretary's minutes shall be audited after each meeting and an audited copy sent to the President within thirty (30) days.  

Section 4 Corresponding Secretary

A. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct all correspondence designated by the President or the Board of Directors and shall be appointed by the President.


Section 5 Treasurer

A. The Treasurer shall have charge of the receipts and disbursements of all Federation funds and shall render a statement at each meeting of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors as well as all annual meetings.


B. The Treasurer shall issue authorized numbered vouchers for all bills approved at the annual meeting. The President and Recording Secretary shall countersign all vouchers before any checks or electronic transfers are issued.


C. The accounts shall undergo financial review annually and the committee’s report given at the annual meeting.  The financial review committee shall consist of 2 members of FGCN appointed by the President.


D. All invoices shall be kept on file to facilitate the work of the financial review committee.. All financial reports shall go to the Treasurer, the President and financial review committee.


E. To facilitate the work of the treasurer there shall be:

 a. A Finance Committee consisting of the Immediate  Past President, President, Vice-President, Treasurer and 2 members appointed by the President from the  membership at large who serve on the financial review committee. The Finance Committee shall provide financial guidelines for the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska. The terms of office of the Finance Committee shall be concurrent with the terms of the elected state officers.



               b. The Finance Committee shall present a yearly

               budget to the Board of Directors  ting prior to the

               annual meeting.


Section 6 Dues Treasurer

A. Dues Treasurer shall send each Club Secretary/Treasurer a copy of their membership list in January along with a notice of dues.  This request will also include a request for changes in officers in all clubs.


B. Receive all dues money and reconcile the amount with the membership list and send the money to the State Treasurer. Club/State dues are non-transferable.


C. Compile a list of the Garden Clubs, Presidents and District Directors. This list is to be sent to the National Gardener and also to the state officers as early in the year as possible.


D. Send a copy of the membership list to the Circulation Chairman of the Nebraska Garden News and to the State President and Vice President.


Section 7 District Directors

A. Directors shall promote the work of the Federation; organize clubs and aid in club activities in their districts. They shall hold at least one District Conference each year and visit all clubs in the District at least once during the term of office if possible.  If there is no Secretary the Director may appoint one to assist with the meeting.       


Section 8 Assistant Director

A. The Assistant Director shall perform the duties of the District Director in her absence and shall aid the Director in all activities.




Section 1

A. The president shall appoint the chairmen to lead the chairmanships deemed necessary.  They become voting members of the Board of Directors.


B. There shall be an advisory committee of Past Presidents.




Section 1

A. The annual meeting shall be held prior to the National Convention on the date and location the host district and President decide.


B. The location and approximate date for annual meeting must be planned two (2) years prior to enable the National Officers to plan an itinerary.


Section 2

A. Each officer and chairman shall prepare one (1) copy of a report of all activities connected with that office as a permanent record to be sent to the State President by April 1st in order to be compiled into a booklet to be distributed at the annual meeting.


B. If work of chairman deals with assets of monetary value to the Federation, an inventory shall be presented at the end of the term. These reports shall go to the State Treasurer.



Section 1

A. This organization shall be financed through the payment of dues and such other means, as the Board of Directors considers necessary.


B. Federation Garden Clubs of Nebraska fiscal year shall begin on June 1st through May 31st in compliance with the NGC By-laws.


Section 2

A. The annual dues for member clubs and Junior clubs shall be set for the following year at each annual meeting and shall be due and payable before Apri11 and delinquent June I, after which time no further publications will be mailed. (NOTE: Dues amount passed in May 2010 was $10.00)


B. Two people at the same address will receive one copy of the NGN therefore the dues are eleven dollars and fifty cents ($11.50). ($10.00 for the first member plus $1.50 for the second member.)


C. A member shall pay dues to the state only once, even though they belong to more than one club.


D. New members who join after January 1, shall pay one half the annual dues for the year.  Former members who wish to be reinstated shall pay full dues for the entire year. 


Section 3

A. Dues for members-at-large and contributing members shall be the current state dues payable April 1 and delinquent June 1 of the next year. They shall receive the Nebraska Garden News.

Section 4

A. Life membership in the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska shall cost thirty-five dollars ($35.00) each, payable at the time Life Membership is granted.




Section 1

 A. The Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska shall issue a quarterly publication to be called the Nebraska Garden News.


B. Subscriptions for non-members to the Nebraska Garden News will be accepted at the current issue price.


Section 2

A. The Publication shall be mailed through regular mail or e-mailed to each paid member and to the adult sponsor of each Junior Club.


Section 3

A. The Editor shall be responsible for assembling and editing material for the Nebraska Garden News and may accept advertising for the publication not to exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of space for any one issue. All advertising must be in keeping with the objectives of the organization. The editor is responsible for distributing the newsletter by email or other electronic mailing only.




Section 1

A. A majority of the registered delegates, plus a majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the annual meeting of the Federation with either the President or Vice President present.

Section 2

A. Three members shall constitute a quorum for the Executive Committee.


 Section 3

A. At any regular or called meeting of the Board of Directors, a quorum shall consist of fourteen (14) members. However, a called Board of Directors Meeting may conduct business without a quorum, provided such proceedings are approved at the next regular board meeting and ratified by the assembly at the annual meeting.


Section 4

A. At district meetings, representatives of a majority of the clubs of the district shall be present to constitute a quorum.




Section 1

A. Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised latest edition shall govern all proceedings and actions except where they conflict with Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. or District their Bylaws.




Section 1

A.  Upon dissolution of the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for public purposes or to such organization or organizations, as the court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.


B. Upon dissolution of the FGCN, the FGCN State President’s pin shall be returned to Darlene Schick or her estate.




Section 1

A. These Bylaws may be amended at any annual meeting by two-thirds (2/3) vote of all voting members present, provided the proposed amendments have been presented in writing to the Executive Committee and all Member Clubs at least thirty (30) days before said meeting.


B. Emergency amendments may be presented and voted upon when signed by ten (10)   members from a minimum of five (5) Federated Clubs.







A. Officers

1. President’s Allowance

a. Actual economy airfare round trip and the package plan plus lodging for each National Garden Clubs Fall Board Meeting and National Convention attended.


b. The current first class postage per capita for each adult member plus two hundred ($200.00) dollars for correspondence expense, also one hundred ($100.00) dollars to pay for a rider to insure the State President’s pin on his/her homeowner’s insurance policy during per term. The rider must read, “lost or stolen”. This is to be paid at the beginning of the President’s term in office.             


c. Package plan and lodging shall be paid to attend Rocky Mountain Regional (RMR) Meeting.


d. A National Life Membership, or the equivalent, shall be given to the President at the beginning of his/her term. The Life Membership Chairman shall make application to the State Treasurer so the fee can be taken from the State Treasury by January 1 of the odd year.


2. Vice President

a. The Vice President shall be reimbursed for the package plan and lodging expenses, (double occupancy if possible) after attending the National Convention.


3. Regional Director

a. The State shall pay one hundred dollars ($100.00) per year for RMR Directors expenses and RMR Directory before September 1st. 


4. Editor of Nebraska Garden News

a. Shall be presented a gift of two hundred dollars ($200.00) per year in recognition of service.


b. Nebraska Garden Clubs shall be allowed to accept support for promoting the causes of the Federation.


c. The Editor/Ad Chairman of NGN is permitted to seek advertising for the web site: to raise funds for the FGCN general fund.


5. Chairmanships

Each State Chairman and/or State Officer, except the President, shall be reimbursed for itemized expenses incurred while serving the FGCN. This includes postage, copying, envelopes and stationary.


6.  Treasurer

The FGCN will pay a stipend of $10.00 per week, paid on a semi-annual basis of $260 on or about May 31st and November 30th, to the individual who holds the Treasurer’s position.




A. Monetary support of ($500.00) dollars shall be advanced to the host District, to defray preliminary annual meeting expenses, upon request from the District Director.


B. All bills are to be paid by check and an itemized statement is to be sent to the State Treasurer showing all monies received and expended by the local treasurer at the annual meeting. This statement is to be accompanied by all funds, after all the bills of the Annual Meeting have been paid. Deadline on this final statement shall be thirty (30) days following the close of the annual meeting.

C. After all expenses of the annual meeting have been paid; any money remaining shall be deposited in the State Federation general fund.   Annual Meeting profits will be divided:  40% for the District hosting and 60% will go to the State Treasury.


D. All business pertaining to the affairs of the annual meeting, including the minutes shall be concluded within thirty (30) days after the close of the annual meeting.


E. The place for the annual meeting shall be set up two (2) years in advance.


F. Rotation of the annual meetings shall be by Districts; when possible the order of rotation

shall be as follows: Western, Eastern, West Central, Central.


G. A club president shall be allowed to designate an elected officer to represent the President if the President is unable to attend the annual meeting.


H. The Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska will schedule its annual meeting each year prior to the National Convention.




A. The Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska may have a competitive State Flower Show the day before the annual meeting on the uneven years. It shall be financed from annual meeting funds. The State Judges Council will assume the responsibility for the planning and staging.




A. Money in the State Life Membership Fund shall be placed in the NGC, Inc. Schools account.


B. When funds have been requested, five hundred dollars ($500) from the account shall be allowed for each school in a series of four Flower Show Schools and for each school in a series of four Landscape Design Schools, Gardening Study Schools, and Environmental Studies Schools. If a school finishes with a surplus, this surplus shall be kept in the Host Treasury for the remaining schools in the series; until all schools are completed. Any excess monies from the schooling shall be refunded to the NGC, Inc. Schools account. The amount furnished shall not exceed twenty five hundred ($2500.) in any one series


C. One thousand ($1000.00) payable 30 days prior to the Symposium, shall be allowed for a Symposium. Any excess Symposium funds shall be refunded to the NGC, Inc. Schools account.


D. The NGC, Inc. Schools account shall present a financial statement at each Board Meeting. 


E. Expenses of the School Chairman for the schools of any series shall be paid from the NGC Inc. Schools checking account to include mileage at the current Nebraska

government travel reimbursement rate both ways and hospitality (motel) if needed during the school.



The membership in Nebraska shall be arranged in districts of counties as follows:


A. Western:  Banner, Box Butte, Cheyenne, Dawes, Deuel, Garden, Kimball, Morrill, Scottsbluff, Sheridan, Sioux


B.  Eastern:  Antelope, Boone, Butler, Burt, Cass, Cedar, Clay, Colfax, Cuming, Dakota, Dixon, Dodge, Douglas, Fillmore, Gage, Hamilton, Jefferson, Johnson, Knox, Lancaster, Madison, Merrick, Nance, Nemaha, Nuckolls, Otoe, Pawnee, Pierce, Platte, Polk, Richardson, Saline, Sarpy, Saunders, Seward, Stanton, Thayer, Thurston, Washington, Wayne, York


C.  West Central:  Arthur, Chase, Cherry, Dundy, Frontier, Grant, Hayes, Hitchcock, Hooker, Keith, Lincoln, Logan, McPherson, Perkins, Red Willow, Thomas


D. Central:  Adams, Blaine, Boyd, Brown, Buffalo, Custer, Dawson, Franklin, Furnas, Garfield, Gosper, Greeley, Hall, Harlan, Holt, Howard, Kearney, Keya Paha, Loup, Phelps, Rock, Sherman, Valley, Webster, Wheeler





A. Scholarships

Two Scholarships may be awarded each year.  The amount to be awarded each year shall be determined by the Finance Committee.


a. The first scholarship, known as the Glenn Viehmeyer Scholarship, is to be given to  one  student at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture at Curtis studying horticulture or one student at a Nebraska Community College studying horticulture who fills out the application form from our web page or from the Scholarship Chair.  Preference will be given to a NCTA student.  The Scholarship Chair will form a committee to choose a recipient..


b. The second scholarship, known as the Wayne Whitney Scholarship, is to be given to a horticulture student at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.   The Scholarship Committee of UNL Dept. of Agronomy and Horticulture selects the scholarship winner.


c. Honor and Memorial Books

Two books shall be maintained which record gifts honoring living and deceased members.


1. The Honor Book records gifts that honor living members for their service to the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska.


 2. The Memorial Book records memorial gifts to honor deceased members for their service to Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska. Gifts of ten dollar ($10.00) or more are to be recorded in the appropriate book.   The interest accruing in these


funds and any gifts less than ten dollars ($10.00) shall be given to the Scholarship Fund.  The President shall appoint a chairman to maintain these books.


d. A Scholarship Fund March shall take place at the close of the session at the annual meeting in which the Memorial Service is given. People being honored shall be on the Memorial Fund total list of that year.


B. Community Civic Improvement

a. Three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) may be set aside each year to be awarded to Garden Clubs for Community Improvement Projects.


C. Youth

a. All entrants in Youth Awards will receive a Certificate of Appreciation for each contest entered.  Monetary award amounts will be determined by the FGCN Awards Budget and distributed in consultation by the FGCN Treasurer, The Awards Chair and Youth Awards Chair(s).




A. All State Award entries are due to the State Chairman by March 1.


B. All State Chairmen or individuals giving Awards must have the information to the State Awards Chairman by April 1.


C. Dates above must be honored or Awards will not be presented at the State Annual Meeting.








1. All funds earmarked for the "Permanent Home" (NGC, Inc. Headquarters) shall be forwarded by the Nebraska Treasurer to the National Garden Clubs, Inc. These funds shall be identified for the Permanent Home (NGC, Inc. Headquarters) and shall be designated as a memorial honoring the Past State Presidents of the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska.


2. All State Awards shall be listed periodically in the Nebraska Garden News.


3. Each District shall pay the President and/or Vice President the minimum of twenty dollars ($20.00) yearly as an honorarium for attending the annual District Conferences.


4. All members who attend any part of the Annual Meeting shall pay the registration fee.


5. All non-members attending any part of the Annual Meeting are to pay a registration fee, set by the host District.  They may attend the Life Member Banquet for an additional $10.00.


6. Nebraska State Flower Show Judges serve without charging mileage when judging State Flower Shows.


7. The immediate Past State President working with the immediate Past State Secretary shall update the Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policy Sheet at the end of their term and provide current copies to the State Officers and District Directors at the succeeding Fall Board Meeting.


Revised  April 2017