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Nebraska Judges Council Sponsored Symposium


A symposium is a continuing educational program for flower show judges.  It offers advanced education in horticulture, floral design and allied topics.  Judges need to pass symposium exams to advance from “accredited” to “life” to “master”  judge status. Advanced education is required to remain in “good standing”.  The symposium is open to all judges and non-judges who wish to increase their knowledge in horticulture and design or who want a preview of the knowledge flower show judges must acquire to be an effective judge.  The Council’s hopes is that the non-judges may be incentivized to enroll in a flower show school.

On cold November days from the 8th to the 10th, 2017, the Nebraska Judges Council sponsored a symposium in Lexington, NE at the District 22 Event Center.  Fifteen people attended from Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.  Jolene Block catered the event.  She was very helpful in setting up for the three-day event.  All attendees appreciated her snacks and lunches which were delicious. 

Pam Bruan, Horticulture Instructor, discussed begonias and aroids such as anthuriums.  Horticulture in the Botanical Arts Division was also discussed.  The Botanical Arts Division is a new division introduced in the new 2017 Flower Show Handbook.  Pam displayed her horticulture tool box which contained items that all who enter flower shows should possess to advance the odds in winning the blue ribbon.  She imparted tips on the handling of horticulture entries to “wow” the judges.     

Gina Jogan, Design Instructor, discussed all five new designs that were introduced in the 2017 Flower Show Handbook.  She also provided a review of all traditional and all creative designs.  Since testing was on cascade and low profile designs, Gina concentrated on these specifically.  Gina Jogan produced examples of these designs and the Nebraska Judges Council also provided examples.  Gina’s constructive criticism of these design examples, enhanced the judges ability to distinguish between good design and designs that have deficiencies.  When judging a design in a flower show, judges usually never see a perfect design!

The Nebraska Judges Council would like to thank all who participated in the symposium.  You have all contributed to making the symposium a success.

Instructors, Pam Braun, Horticulture, Gina Jogan, Design and Donna Rouch, Symposium Chair.
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