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Nebraska is located on the Great Plains of the Midwestern United States.  It became a state in 1867. Nebraska is criss-crossed by many historic trails, such as the Oregon Trail and Mormon Trail.  Trails that brought many immigrants across the state looking for wealth in California and in many cases, to settle here under the Homestead Act of 1862.  The first homestead claim was by Daniel Freeman, who claimed 160 acres near present day Beatrice, Nebraska.

Although Nebraska is known for its treeless prairies, the state also has forests, the Nebraska National Forest and the Samuel R. Mckelvie Forest.  The Ogalalla National Grasslands is also located in Nebraska.

Nebraska experiences wide seasonal variations in temperature and precipitation.  The highest recorded temperature was 118'F in 1936 and the lowest recorded temperature was -47'F in 1899.  Snowfall ranges between 25-35 inches annually.  Two major climatic zones are represented in Nebraska.  The eastern half of the state as a "humid continental climate" and the western half of the state has a "semi-arid climate".  Rainfall and humidity decreases from the eastern to the western part of the state.  Hardiness zones range between 4a and 5b.

Nebraska is the only state with a one house legislature called the Unicameral.  It is one of the few states that is required to have a balanced budget.

Nebraska is an agricultural state where the tall corn grows and gardeners' talents are diverse.


         Federated Garden Clubs

               of Nebraska, Inc.

The Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska
(FGCN) was organized in 1934.  The state organization consists of 4 districts, (Eastern, Central, West Central and West).  The FGCN is a member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc (NGC) and Rocky Mountain Region, Inc. of NGC (RMR).  The FGCN supports the NGC and RMR projects, award programs and educational schools.

The NGC is the largest volunteer organization of its type in the world.  NGC headquarters is located in St. Louis, MO, adjacent to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.  NGC has 175,000 members, 5500 local clubs, 50 state clubs and the National Capital Area, 300 International Affiliates and 60 National Affiliates.  NGC was organized May 1, 1929 and incorporated April 18, 1930.

The RMR consists of 8 states which are Colorado Federation of Garden clubs Inc., Kansas Associated Garden Clubs, Inc., Montana Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska, Inc., North Dakota State Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., South Dakota State Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.,  The Utah Associated Garden Clubs, Inc., and Wyoming Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.

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