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National Garden Clubs

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Mary Warshauer
48th Presidetnt

National Garden Clubs, Inc.


A Playground of Possibilities



Nature’s splendor provides us with vast and extraordinary beauty – and similar challenges. When we pause to notice insects buzzing, trees swaying in the wind, the rhythms of ocean waves, or the night sky of twinkling stars, Nature’s melodies become a source of strength and renewal – and certainly never more than over the last year. Our imaginations are unleashed into a playground of possibilities as we enjoy the boundless wonders of the outdoors.

However, our treasured natural resources need protection and restoration. NGC is dedicated to preserving our earth’s natural resources through our communities’ civic beautification and our environment’s conservation. We must continue to raise awareness to safeguard what we hold dear. Each time we share our members’ knowledge and talents in a hands-on community project, NGC has the chance to create long-lasting relationships that will support the environment and enhance our communities.

NGC encourages a wide variety of projects that preserve, protect and restore the environment within our communities. It is this dedication and passion that have enabled us to embrace virtual platforms for communication and education. Utilizing virtual platforms has created the opportunity to engage membership and broaden our audience, which has truly allowed our community to blossom. NGC will continue to engage and educate through virtual means to promote its mission, grow its membership and engage new communities. The possibilities are endless.

We will consider the future, set challenging goals and have the determination to achieve them. Our shared passion enhances the enjoyment of learning from and interacting with our beautiful planet.

After all, playing outdoors is what gardeners do best!

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